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These days are designed for those looking to improve, bring on a young horse, move up the competition ladder, and socialise with your horse and other friends! This is an ideal opportunity to train your horse for competitions at an affordable price. Open to all ages and abilities.Please note that unattended under-18s will be required to complete a medical form and all participants must have their own insurance.


I will be running some show jumping clinics at The Unicorn Equestrian Centre, Stow on the Wold. They will be aimed for all levels from BE 80 upwards for the Central region, to help you prepare for the coming season.If you are interested in joining any of them please email : sarah.waite@britisheventing.com http://www.britisheventing.com/training/courses for more details.They will be 1hour 15mins at 35.00 per person . Maximum of 4 in a group of similar abilities.Wednesday 25th Feb:Athletic / gymnastic jumping:We will cover during the warm up developing the canter through changes of pace to prepare for jumping. My aim is to have the horses and riders thinking faster and reacting correctly when the horses are jumping. This session will include excersises to help landing through onto the correct lead to make your showjumping round as consistant as possible within the rhythm.This session will include a series of grids and riding jumps on angles and turns.I will aim to improve any weakness that the horse or rider particularly wants to work on.Sunday 8th March:Related distances , doubles and trebles :In this session we will work on the quality of canter needed jumping doubles and trebles, also looking at adding or taking away strides within a related distance.I will aim to improve any weakness that the horse or rider particularly wants to work on.Wednesday 15th AprilCourse jumping:There will be a full course of fences set up to jump.In the warm up we will simulate a competition preparation, starting by jumping cross poles, upright and a spread. The course will then be set at your chosen height and you will have the opportunity to jump it at least twice - the aim being to jump a better second round and work on areas that need improving.


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